How it all began

In the beginning there was dialogue – in the end a consensus.

With the aim of developing the Urbane Mitte as a new city quarter that is not only accepted by all sides, but also valued, Team Urbane Mitte introduced in November 2014 a dialogue about the project and its location.


During a period lasting a total of four months, from November 2014 to February 2015, three expert consultations and three public consultations were held. This is where the tasks for formulating the urban development competition were devised.

In the expert consultations, around 40 experts in the fields of business, urban planning, local administration, politics and culture got together to discuss how the location could look in future. This also included answering overarching questions that are fundamental to the project, such as:

In the first consultation, the subjects of urban planning, usage concepts, traffic and identity were identified as the focal points for the Urbane Mitte. These were addressed in greater detail during the second consultation. The features that would shape the location in future were established; the leitmotif born: the Urbane Mitte should be a place for living and working in the 21st century.

The third expert consultation was used to present and discuss various approaches to the subjects of usage concepts, urban planning, identity and infrastructure. It was possible to reach a consensus on virtually every one of these subjects.


How do we wish to live and work in future and how will we actually live and work?

Questions raised in the expert and public consultations.



A public consultation followed after each expert consultation. Citizens with an interest in the project were given the opportunity to discuss the experts’ proposals constructively and add their own ideas and needs. Critical comments were also aired. Information flyers, posters, the website specially created for the project and a coffee mobile called on people to get involved in the workshop process and provided detailed information about the project.



The outcome of the five-month workshop process was a consensus concept on the subject of usage concepts, land development and terrain relief. This formed the basis of the subsequent urban development competition.


The outcome of the process

For the purposes of transparency, the public and expert consultations were documented in detail and made available to the public to download.