Panel discussion at Gleisdreieck
Sunday, 1st July 2018, 01:30 p.m.

How can we create a better, more beautiful and lovable city? At the end of MakeCity, the festival for architecture & urban alternatives, we invite you to a panel discussion with inspiring speakers from various industries to open new perspectives on the city of the present.

How can we think, build and shape our cities differently? Not at some point in the future, but right here, right now? To answer these questions, we are examining the various factors that drive the complex growth and change processes at work in modern metropolises, simultaneously defining their urbanity, quality of life and capacity to adapt.

Chance, for example, which influences all planning and implementation processes – unexpectedly, independently, and creatively. Or hardware, which forms the body of the city as a place crafted from and using stone. As well as the people and goods that move or are moved, frequenting and shaping the nerve fibres of the city.

As part of the MakeCity Festival, we have invited special panel guests to share their perspectives on each of these three dimensions. We want to offer inspirational actors a platform to join us in exploring the possibilities out there – another kind of city – and finding a way to subjectively put these on the map.

These discussions will take place alongside Berlin’s Gleisdreieck Park, within an urban hub that exemplifies the transformation and dynamism afoot in this city. Previously a trading centre, now the calm of the popular, award-winning park is only disturbed by the rumbling of local trains on overhead railways. And soon the park will be complemented by a new slice of city life on 3.2 hectares.

This panel discussion was conceived by Ortner & Ortner Baukunst and COPRO, who composed the master plan for Urbane Mitte at Gleisdreieck urban development project for Ortner & Ortner – and B-PART, the Urban Ideation Lab, which is located on the Urbane Mitte site at Gleisdreieck.

Participating Speakers

> Dr. Meike Niedbal | Head of Biz Dev DB Station & Service, Project Lead Smart Cities
> Jackie Thomae | Guide Book & Bestselling Author, Journalist, Trend & Transformation expert
> Dimitri Hegemann | Founder Tresor, Berlin-Detroit Connection, Happy Locals, Space Designer & Nighttime Economist
> Darius Moeini | Co-Founder Numa Berlin, Project Lead Accelerator & Smart City Innovation Program, Urban Change Expert
> Markus Penell | Partner / MD O&O Baukunst, Curator O&O Depot, Architect of Urbane Mitte am Gleisdreieck
> Plus Special Guest

The event will be moderated by Christian Ankowitsch, non-fiction Author and Journalist.



“MakeCity – The Movie” is a compilation of all panels and discussions of the MakeCity Festival 2018. Of course the Panel am Gleisdreieck is also part of this “Remix”. The video was released in mid-December 2018. The video was published in German with English subtitles.