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Urbane Mitte

The project “Urbane Mitte” is located on one of the last remaining empty lots on the Kreuzberg side of Gleisdreieck Park, right at the Gleisdreieck train station and in the immediate vicinity of Potsdamer Platz.

Measuring about 43,000 m2, the property borders Luckenwalder Straße to the north and the car park at Gleisdreieck train station to the south. It lies between Park am Gleisdreieck and the rails of the U2 train line and the ICE route to the south.



Park am Gleisdreieck offers a rich park environment with spacious fields, greenery and plenty of space for games and athletic activities. It opened in May 2013 and measures about 26 hectares. Public transportation is provided by direct access to the lines U1 and U2, a number of bus lines and the nearby S-Bahn station on Yorkstraße. Thanks to its central location, the property is easy to reach.

The location and quality of the property offer a wealth of opportunities, yet also a few challenges. For this reason, the property owner made it a priority to include as many parties as possible from the very beginning of the project, with the overarching aim of filling this gap in the landscape with uses that find broad public support. In line with these goals, a series of dialogues were held with experts and local residents to gather opinions, insights and concerns, which were then interpreted by an event moderator and distilled into concrete tasks. The results of each dialogue formed the basis for the later project stages.