interests become an agreement

Expert dialogue #3

The initial results were discussed at the third expert dialogue. Moderators provided an overview of various approaches for the topics, including uses, urban planning, identity and infrastructure, which had been proposed during the Expert dialogue #2 and Resident dialogue #2. About 40 experts provided commentary and explanations for every question asked. A consensus was found on almost all of the issues. The discussions were sometimes heated, and sometimes complex. This demonstrates both the property’s complexity and unique role in Berlin. All pending issues and a number of solutions will be presented, discussed and voted on at the third resident dialogue, to take place on 20 February 2015.

Round #3 Consensus paper created following the expert dialogue #3 – PDF



Amongst neighbours — The immediate urban surroundings

Resident dialogue #2

The second resident dialogue lasted for an entire weekend. Residents had the chance to find information about the project on Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 to 17.00 in Station Berlin. Up to 30 visitors were present at a single time. Lectures held by experts provided information on the possible uses for the location. Residents gave valuable feedback, frequently mentioning, for example, the need for additional options for young adults and more restaurants in Gleisdreieckpark. Additional results can be found here on our homepage.

Round #2 Code plan created following the resident dialogue #2 – PDF
Round #2 Solution matrix created following the resident dialogue #2 – PDF
Round #2 Solution plan created following the resident dialogue #2 – PDF



A range of interests in dialogue

Expert dialogue #2

The goal of the second expert dialogue was to provide an order for the wide variety of topics and deepen the discussion. Discussions were held at four tables: participants at one desk focused exclusively on the issue of uses at the location, while another considered the suitable urban profile for the location. Many of the experts examined the issue of the S21 and the new train connections created at the location. The identity of the site was also a topic of intense debate. Lasting many hours, the sessions resulted in a wealth of ideas and initial considerations for the location’s character in the future: It was determined that it should serve as a space for work and life in the twenty-first century. Experimental ways of working should also be possible and encouraged.


Visionary ideas for a new place in Berlin

Resident dialogue #1

The first resident dialogue provided information about the construction area and space to all interested citizens. It was also used to present results of the first expert dialogue. Citizens and local residents had the chance to voice their ideas and speak directly with experts. The ideas were collected and will be integrated into further project discussions. Residents volunteered valuable ideas for using the location, such as the construction of a skateboarding museum, restaurants or a theatre. There was heated debate surrounding the issue of the ruins of the old S-Bahn arches, which are currently being dismantled.

Round #1 Interest plan created following the resident dialogue #1 – PDF

Everything starts with dialogue

Expert dialogue #1

A day of discussions was held with about 40 experts, including urban planners and representatives of the private sector, local government, politics and culture. All thought about what this piece of Berlin at Urbane Mitte am Gleisdreieck could look like. The discussions were lively and fruitful, resulting in ideas for how we work, spend our free time and how we want to live. After a discussion with the entire group, participants were divided into four groups to focus on the important issues of urban development, transportation, uses and identity.

Round #1 Interest plan created following the expert dialogue #1 – PDF